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Gaining your moderate and licensed college degree in the most limited measure of time is no more an extravagance, yet a need for everything who need to accommodate themselves and their families. Applying one’s expert and background towards a Charleston State University degree has turned into the standard in today’s academe to attain this objective.

Made in 1978 Charleston State University, offers complete U.S. broadly licensed degree system focused around former learning and life experience degree credits. You may have done past courses and other realizing which levels with an Associate, Bachelor or Master degree, yet you aggregated that adapting in a mixture of connections with no ensuing degree conclusion. Meeting your need, Charleston State University earlier learning appraisal methodology may finish up with an authorize degree in 24 hours in the subject of your former studies or Life Experience. Your transcripts then soundly record the majority of your learning and life experience.

Charleston State University’s life experience degree projects are perceived as imaginative and progressive by heading compelling voices in exploration and instruction. Charleston State University is perceived as Top-25 online universities in the legitimate Degree Factbook and sticks to the U.S. Division of Labor’s Non-Traditional Education Guidelines.

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How to Avail CSU Life Experience Degree Program:

Charleston State University gives a suitable option to numerous working grown-ups who cannot
manage the cost of the time far from employments and families needed, or the costs managed
by conventional colleges.

We give the opportunity, utilizing your expert mastery, aptitudes, learning and life experience, to
procure your life experience Bachelor’s Degree , Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree quick and on
your own terms.

On the off chance that you are a grown-up with a secondary school confirmation and at least four years
of experience in the field you are looking for a degree in, Charleston State University can offer assistance.

Alumni Profile


Oscar Sanchez

MBA in Business Administration "2014"

Nawar Karim

MSC in Aerospace Engineering "2012"

Hoover Hall

Doctor of Education (EdD) "2015"

James Patrick

BSC in Operations Management "2014"

Matthew L

BBA in Business Management “2013”

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